An Open Letter to Parents and Educators Who Refuse to Give Up on Childhood Obesity Prevention

One of our biggest challenges is finding adults (i.e. parents and educators, including physical educators) who actually believe that today’s kids can be systematically motivated enough to tackle a difficult task like learning to do pull ups, in front of their peers and stick with it week after week, month, after month, all year long, until they naturally immunize themselves against obesity for life.

That is to say, it’s easy for most adults agree with the claim that kids who can do pull ups are never obese. Most have witnessed that during their school years. Furthermore they also agree with the claim that those kids who successfully learn to do pull ups have naturally immunized themselves against obesity for life as long as they maintain the ability, because they intuitively know that people who can do pull ups can’t be obese.

Too Much for Them to Swallow

But to think that today’s generation of couch potato laden, video gamed, fast food oriented kids can be systematically motivated enough to take the action necessary to learn to do pull ups is just more than most parents or educators can swallow. And when adults really believe that it can’t be done, the world’s simplest solution to childhood obesity never even gets a chance to succeed. As we all know, when you fail to try at anything, failure becomes a foregone conclusion, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Aimed at Adults Who Refuse to Quit on Kids

With all that said, this message is aimed at those unique parents and educators who refuse to believe that today’s kids are just too lethargic, too preoccupied, too self absorbed, and too lazy to tackle a difficult task like pull ups, in front of their peers, week after week, month after month, all year long until they finally succeed. If you refuse to swallow this conventional indoctrination then consider the following scenario.

A Two Factor Problem

Childhood obesity can be boiled down into two simple factors. If kids eat better and exercise more, there are very few of them who are unable to eliminate obesity from their lives for ever and ever. That being the case, the issue can be boiled down even further. Childhood obesity prevention is all about motivating kids to eat better and exercise more. Yes, it’s all about motivation, motivation, and more motivation.

The Two Components of Motivation

Motivation in this case has two components including regular, documented progress, and regular peer approval/celebration. In other words, in this program most participants can actually see themselves growing a little bit stronger (it’s documented twice a week) week after week for eight, ten, and even twelve consecutive weeks before they reach a point where the workload becomes seriously challenging. Most kids then are easily motivated by experiencing a regular (and tangible) return on their investments of time and effort week after week, month after month, all year long.

Not only that, every time they finish a set of pull ups they get high fives and are congratulated by their peers and teachers for eight, ten, or twelve straight weeks. Under these conditions it doesn’t take long for these kids to understand that succeeding in public at a difficult task in front of your friends is FUN, and it’s something to take pride in.

And When the Going Gets Tough

Under these conditions, when the challenge increases and the going gets tough, these same kids will dig down a little deeper in order to find a way to keep that regular success and public adulation flowing freely. It’s cool. And once they recognize that they’re so close to the finish line, you’d be amazed at how dedicated these 21st century kids can be to mastering the art of pulling their own weight. That level of dedication I like to call Relentless Persistence and it’s the key of keys to winning in life.

But When the Adults Fail to Believe…

But the unique experience of seeing kids develop their own personalized edition of relentless persistence is only possible when the adults who work with them cough up the conventional (no we can’t) kool-aid and understand that 21st century kids want to succeed just as much as generations of kids before them. You just have to present them with the right opportunity in the right light and let them get after it. In the process they’ll naturally immunize themselves against obesity for life by learning to physically handle their own weight. A greater educational achievement would be hard to imagine.

A Big Problem Plus a Viable Childhood Obesity Prevention Solution Equals Meaningful Jobs Galore

America has lots of big problems today, but none is bigger and more threatening than the shattered economy that the Obama administration is attempting to patch back together in the wake of our economic 9/11. And, according to most experts, on both sides of the political isle, the biggest and most challenging problem for the economy is the out of control cost of healthcare which as quadrupled over the past decade while wages have stagnated or lost ground. Left unchecked healthcare costs will consume 50% of GDP by 2020 and in the process it will provide America’s Titanic with its own iceberg.

A Malignant Tumor

Now, within the issue of healthcare sits a malignant tumor that the most recent Surgeon General has labeled America’s # 1 health threat, the terrorist within, and worse than smoking or HIV Aids.” It’s known as OBESITY. Obesity and related medical problems not only cost American taxpayers $147 BILLION ANNUALLY, but it also ruins the lives of millions of otherwise productive American citizens every year.

Connecting the Dots…

In other words, solving the obesity epidemic (starting with a viable childhood obesity prevention strategy) automatically brings healthcare costs under control. And bringing healthcare costs under control automatically lifts a humongous burden off of America’s crippled economy, allowing it to breathe freely and to redevelop the strength and vitality for which it’s been known for over two hundred years now.

Pie in the Sky Double Talk Without…

However, all that is theoretical conjecture, pie in the sky double talk, another bridge that leads to nowhere without a viable solution to the obesity epidemic. And over the past decade America has spent countless billions on researching everything under the sun in the name of stomping out childhood obesity. But to date we’re losing ground at every turn, while millions of kids (around the globe) continue to be sucked into the childhood obesity sewer and as the result, they’re scarred for life.

Functional Acid Test Strategy

In that light let’s introduce a solution that the American Society of Exercise Physiologists has described as “A simple, easily implemented, easily documented, and AFFORDABLE SOLUTION TO CHILDHOOD OBESITY.” In some circles this strategy is known as a functional acid test and it’s built on three simple observations.

First it says that kids who can physically pull their own weight (i.e. do pull ups) are NEVER OBESE. Second it says that, if started young, before supersizing takes root, and if given access to the right information, most kids can learn to do pull ups in a predictable amount of time (i.e. one school year). Third, it concludes that if observations number one and two are correct, then it logically follows that MOST KIDS CAN NATURALLY IMMUNIZE THEMSELVES AGAINST OBESITY FOR LIFE by learning and maintaining the ability to do pull ups. How simple and cost effective is that?

Tens of Thousands of Meaningful Jobs

All this being the case, we’ll throw one more very important log onto this enlightening fire when we add that it’s very easy to teach people how to help kids learn to physically pull their own weight. This could easily be done through local community colleges around the nation where we could quickly develop an army of people who are qualified and capable of helping kids learn to physically pull their own weight and to naturally immunize themselves against obesity for life in Head Start programs, schools, park districts, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s, Scouts, etc. all over the US.

A Two-For One We Can Ill Afford To Pass Up

In other words this simple strategy not only cost effectively eliminates obesity and related problems in a predictable amount of time, and saves Americans $147 Billion a year, but it also creates tens of thousands of MEANINGFUL JOBS while it helps jump start the economy at the same time! A more potent two-for one deal would be very hard to imagine at this moment in time. Now this is a change we could all believe in. Cash for Clunkers, take a back seat.

The Smartest, Simplest, and Cheapest Childhood Obesity Prevention Machine on Planet Earth

The two most important factors in childhood obesity plague that’s haunting kids across our nation and others, are nutrition and exercise. But in a modern world that’s overflowing with Big Macs, curly fries, milk shakes, soda pop, candy bars, cookies, ice cream, and sugary cereals just to mention a few, how can anyone really know for sure if their kids are falling prey to the anti-nutritional temptations that are polluting the world or fending them off?

In a world where we drive our kids to and from school instead of expecting them to walk, a world that’s veritably gushing with little techno robots ranging from video games to IPODs, TV, MP3 Players to cell phones complete with a built-in video camera’s designed to attract, if not demand, and command kid’s attention, how does anyone make sure their kids are getting enough exercise to avoid obesity?

Complicated, Confusing, Overwhelming, Unless…

It all seems so complicated. It all seems so confusing. It all seems almost overwhelming for many parents (and teachers) until they recognize that there really is one extremely simple, safe, and inexpensive (dare I say cheap?) solution to the entire convoluted dilemma.

In fact you can buy one of these incredibly simple solutions at K-Mart, Wal-Mart, or Costco for as little as $10 to $15 dollars. It requires almost no space, almost no time, and being a rocket scientist is not a prerequisite for knowing how to work this little gizmo. In fact I’ve personally seen kindergartners handle one of these babies with the greatest of ease.

The Technical Name is…

The technical name of this wonderful little childhood-obesity-prevention-machine is a “PULL-UP-BAR.” Generally speaking it’s a round, chromed pipe that designed to be locked into the top of a doorway at home or in school. In fact this particular location is so common that many of these machines are actually called “DOORWAY PULL-UP-BARS.”

The Trick is to Use it

Once locked into position there are no moving parts. This means the cost of upkeep on this machine is next to nothing and it’s likely to last for decades, maybe more. Like most exercise equipment, the real trick with a PULL-UP-BAR is to actually use it. In other words if it becomes a dust gatherer or a clothes hanger, the odds of it preventing childhood obesity are reduced to the odds of winning the lotto, maybe worse.

How Does it Tell me What I Need to Know

“That’s all well and good,” you say, “but how in the world is that little PULL-UP-BAR going to tell me, any parent, or teacher whether or not a child is eating poorly or is failing to get enough exercise?” The answers to those questions are actually quite simple.

For example, let’s say that you start young, helping your child learn to do pull ups when they’re beginning kindergarten, and by the end of the school year they’ve learned to do five of them. Now, if that child starts stocking up on candy and soda pop, potato chips and pizza instead of the fruits and vegetables, they’ll gain excess weight and their performance will decrease.

When One Goes Up the Other Goes Down

In other words, if they eat poorly the workload (their own body weight) on the pull up bar will increase. When that happens your child’s ability to perform pull ups will begin to decrease from 5 to 4 and from 4 to 3, etc. And if they eat too poorly they’ll soon be unable to do any pull ups at all. In fact for years it’s been common knowledge among physical educators that kids who are obese can never do pull ups, and that kids who can do pull ups are never obese.

On the other hand, if your child focuses on good eating habits, minimizes the bad stuff, and adds a little regular practice a couple times a week, they’ll most likely grow stronger and their performance will increase to 6 or 7 or 8 repetitions instead of decreasing. Performance increases you see, directly reflect lower %’s of body fat, and vice versa.

Jobs, Problem Solving, and Childhood Obesity Prevention

Jobs are being lost by the boatloads all over the nation at an alarming rate. This in turn threatens our nation’s economic viability, reduces our confidence and our spending capacity, and in turn that threatens more job losses in an ever increasing downward spiral. But let’s stop wringing our hands for a second and ask the following question. “What is a job anyway if it’s not an ongoing set of problems to be solved on behalf of someone who’s willing and able to pay you for solving them?”

Problems Equal Opportunity

In that sense, the more problems we experience, the more job opportunities there are on the horizon, presuming you can find someone to pay you for tackling and resolving those problems. In the best light then, the myriad of problems our nation faces today should be seen as a myriad of opportunities, with the challenge being to identify someone who can and will pay your for solving these problems. Change and opportunity (including won/lost opportunity) inevitably go hand in hand.

Take Childhood Obesity for Example

Let’s take for example, the current and growing problem of childhood obesity. Several months ago the United States Surgeon General announced that childhood obesity was his number one priority. A forum of former US Surgeon Generals recently declared that childhood obesity was a greater threat to American’s health than smoking or Aids. It’s costing the American taxpayer over $120 Billion annually (about the same as the war in Iraq) and it’s growing not shrinking.

By any measure childhood obesity is a BIG problem, and if someone can successfully step up to the plate in his or her own community and tangibly turn the tide on this plague, they should be paid handsomely for it…wouldn’t you agree? So the question becomes how do YOU step up to the plate and turn the tide on childhood obesity in your own community? Here’s one quick answer to that question.

The Basic Mechanics

First go to a website called Pull Your Own Weight dot net and peruse the home page. Once you’re done perusing, click on the 90 second You Tube video and watch it…a couple times if necessary. Do these two things and within ten minutes I promise that you’ll understand the mechanics of how kids can naturally immunize themselves against obesity for life, without pills, shots, or fancy diets. It’s actually quite simple.

Here’s the Challenge

But understanding the mechanics is the easy part. The challenging part is understanding the psychology of motivating kids to take action, and to do what ever is necessary to eat better, exercise more, and to naturally immunize themselves against obesity for life. For that you’ll have to read the book entitled Operation Pull Your Own Weight: A Radically Simple Solution to Childhood Obesity, which is available on the Pull Your Own Weight dot net website, Amazon, or on Barnes and Noble.

The Three Most Important Factors

According to the old adage, the three most important factors in real estate are location, location, and location. In childhood obesity prevention the three most important factors are MOTIVATION, MOTIVATION, and MOTIVATION. In other words if you can motivate them, you’ll win and they’ll win too! So what’s wrong with a win/win?

Congratulations, You’ve Just Created Your Own Job

I’m here to tell you that if you truly understand how to inspire and motivate kids to eat better, exercise more, and to naturally immunize themselves against obesity, YOU understand something that most people don’t. This mean that you have a unique service to offer your community (schools, pre-schools, after school programs at park districts, Y’s, Boys/Girls Clubs, churches, etc.).

And by offering that unique service you’ll be able to step up to the plate and tangibly turn the tide on childhood obesity in your community, and get paid handsomely for doing it. That is to say, you have created your own job (how does Childhood Obesity Specialist sound?) by solving a big problem that people can and are willing to pay for.

Saliva Swab Testing – Childhood Diabetes and Childhood Obesity Prevention

Saliva swab testing has now expanded to include diabetes, obesity, cancer and other metabolism based illnesses. With the numbers of people in America who could be classified as obese and diabetic or pre diabetic the importance of prevention has become that more important. We all know that proper diet and exercise can go along way in solving this problem for some parents it may take stronger methods to provide the motivation in creating an environment conducive in accomplishing this goal. Though many parents may believe that they provide this ideal environment they may need the help of a physician and the results of clinical testing to demonstrate that there may be a more serious underlying problem.

Up until know testing for childhood diabetes and obesity took as many as four vials of blood. This process is time consuming, uncomfortable, painful even frightening for the child and parent who is obviously concerned for the safety of their child. Well the same technology that has given us the convenience of saliva drug and DNA testing has now provided an important tool for the fight against childhood diabetes and childhood obesity treatment. With a simple swipe of a swab, a saliva test sample can provide the necessary information a qualified physician can use to map a proper course of preventative action.

The saliva swab test is brand new but already proven to be more effective in its accuracy, cost and convenience. When compared to the annual cost of diabetes treatment averaging $11,000, the prospect of only having to pay $250 out of pocket for this saliva swab test is well worth the investment. If it provides the feedback and motivation a loving parent needs to take immediate action to prevent what could be a lifetime of pain dealing with these potentially debilitating diseases, the cost seems insignificant.

My New Life Today and New Life Medical Group is the exclusive provider of this test. Their plan is to launch this testing system through a network of participating physicians, company sponsored clinics and internet marketing. As you could imagine the excitement level is very high when you stop to consider the ramification of such a powerful tool in this important battle. Soon with proper exposure and consumer awareness this simple saliva swab test will go a long way in winning the war of childhood diabetes prevention and childhood obesity prevention. Many are already looking forward to the day when prevention is the preferred form of treatment to this invisible killer.

Walt Rice has segued from a successful career in radio advertising and marketing to internet advertising and marketing profits. Walters’ attitude has been to follow the money and the money is now online. Its’ cost makes it one of the best return on marketing investments this century. The explosive growth and success of companies such as Google and YouTube have changed the rules of advertising and marketing forever. It is critical that you learn their rules and how they can work for you.